Creative Placemaking

Building Creative Places for Our Neighborhoods


Artistic and cultural activities enrich a community, particularly when they reveal and celebrate its character and identity. At LISC, we support residents coming together to make social, physical and economic changes in their neighborhoods through the arts and culture. This is the definition of “creative placemaking,” which provides a vital spark that brings a neighborhood to life and transforms it into a place where things happen and people want to be.

What is Creative Placemaking?

Creative placemaking can mean renovating a historic theater or building affordable live-work space for artists. It can encompass transforming a weedy lot into a lively gathering place or an abandoned church into a community exhibition space. It can be organizing a dance festival or painting a mural to beautify a building. When the energy of the arts is a driving force, the possibilities are limitless.

Social Impact: Projects involving arts and culture bring together people of diverse backgrounds. They can inspire residents to transform a neighborhood in ways that reflect their own sense of beauty, history and identity.

Physical Impact: Creative placemaking transforms the physical environment, making it distinctive and recognizable as home to a unique culture. Renovating, repopulating, sprucing up and embellishing spaces can nurture new connections and other types of revitalization.

Economic Impact: Creative placemaking supports the livelihood of local artists as cultural innovators and entrepreneurs. And it fosters the development of arts-related business clusters. Once enhanced with art and bustling with activity, a neighborhood draws more commerce and foot traffic, which in turn stimulate investment and creates jobs.